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Star Escape is an intense competitive infinite jumper in space! Catapult from planet to planet, and use gravity to slingshot your way past danger and across the universe. Continue onwards and upwards, but most importantly, move faster than everyone else!

Race against up to 9 other players to avoid falling off the shared screen!

  • Local Multiplayer with up to 10 Players
  • Use your GravBoost or Jetpack to fly through space
  • Choose a Passive Item to equip from a big selection, such as the Magnet or Speed Increase
  • Bring along a Bot buddy to help you out as you keep focused on staying alive
  • Collect Power-ups like the Shield to become more powerful as you go
  • Dodge deadly energy blasts, lasers, homing missiles, burning comets, and aliens all out to get you
  • Collect Dark Matter and use it in the store to buy cool new items, interesting characters, and bots
  • Get a higher score the further you climb, and compete on the global leaderboard
  • Play as a number of different characters, including Ihp the dinosaur, and Flarb the alien
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorAmpersand Game Studios
Tags2D, Arcade, Cartoon, Endless, jumping, Local multiplayer, Space
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically buy games from itch.io to avoid that.

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One of the Best games in the infamous mega bundle. Cannot believe it doesn't have bigger player base and hype around it. Super fun in two players, although rather quick, we ultimately played solo and took turns. It's pretty intense :-)

A super big thank you from everyone at Ampersand! It makes us really happy to know that you and your friend enjoyed the game that much :D

The intensity can definitely sneak up on you! The idea was to try and replicate the feeling of bullet hell games, and other games similar to Super Hexagon - where the very fact that you're surviving and extra second, and inching closer towards a highscore, really gets the adrenaline pumping!


Thanks for this fun game! I kinda wish you would convert some of the planets (half?) into Dark Matter once you lose so you can spend it in the shop but maybe that's because I just suck

Thanks for playing! That's actually a neat idea. Do you mean half the planets still on screen when you lose?


I played against a friend around 2 hours total so far, and I must say it was a total blast! A whole lot of fun really.

The game has this intense micromachine style gameplay where you're always close to each other, so it never gets boring.
The Switch power-up is perfectly evil... we laughed hard a few times when we were double-switching each other, or when we just messed up our evil plan completely.
It can get quite intense, you have to keep your focus, both on you and what the other is doing as well.
The game works really well as 1v1. We'll try to gather a few friends to play it with 4 players, I imagine things get messy and it must be super fun as well.

Congrats to the team behind the game, it's a great simple idea and it's really well done. Thanks for the fun!

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We're really glad you've been enjoying the game! Thank you so much for this review, it really means a lot to us :D

The Switch came about as a happy accident when we were developing the Wormholes, and has definitely become our favourite way to mess with other players!

We've found that 4 players seems to be the best balance of fun and mess. Past 4 players we've found that the start of the round tends to be more hectic, but then quickly ends up with 2-4 players left racing for most of the round.
We'd love to know how it turns out for you!

Thanks again for playing Star Escape!


This game is ok a solo game (get the highscore), but in my eyes fails at being a party game (everyone versus) because it's super hard and most people die and get eliminated within seconds, and they have no way to practice and improve.

Maybe if there was a 10 players coop mode, where as long as we have a survivor we can revive our friends and stuff, and the game starts easier and gets more difficult as the game progresses, maybe it would be playable with that many people?

Controller sharing could also be nice (Left joystick + LB + LT / Right joystick + RB + RT).


Thank you for playing the game, and giving us this feedback!
If you haven't given it a go already, you might enjoy the free mobile version of the game for iOS and Android, which is currently only singleplayer.

The idea of offering a more coop oriented mode is a great idea! However, we'd want to keep an element of competition. Do you think a team based gamemode would work? With surviving team members able to somehow revive dead ones.


Team play actually sounds good, but it would not quite work with less than 4 players. 

That's why I suggested the "1st player mode" in coop, maybe with a different highscore per number of player? 


We're looking into this as a potential idea for the game!
Thanks again for playing the game, and the feedback you've given us


Keep it up!